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Customer Testimonials

1. What was the reason that you chose us?

Answer - My dentist recommended you.

2. What is our most important factor?

Price, delivery, service, or quality?

Answer - All four are important and met my needs.

The clinic was very helpful and forthright in what to expect and the clinic lived up to a very high standard.

3. Tell me what your experience has been with our product and service?

Answer - My full upper and lower dentures of ten years needed replacing. Patrick, the denturist, explained to me all my options, including implant-supported dentures. When I made my decision to replace my dentures without implants, Patrick explained in detail what the procedure entailed and how long it would take to complete. All went as planned and within three weeks I had my new dentures. It has now been two months and I am completely satisfied with the new dentures. They fit very well and I have no problem eating. Family and friends all say the new dentures have improved my appearance.

4. Why would you recommend us to someone else?

Answer - Getting new dentures was a very pleasant experience. Prime Denture Clinic is very professional and gives free consultations without any obligation. My appointments were on time with no waiting.

5. If someone called you and said Why should I do business with Prime Denture Clinic, what would you tell them?

Answer - Prime Denture Clinic in a very short period has become one of the best clinics in New Westminster and the Greater Vancouver area.

Your sincerely, Rob Wilson

Robert W.

Best experience I have ever had getting new dentures.. the service, techniques, being greeted from start to finish.. got my dentures a week ago..just amazing..I can finally enjoy & chew my food..most of all...MY SMILE..Thanks you so guys are FANTASTIC!


Being that I'm a first time denture wearer, I'm very pleased with my dentures. Patrick is a great denture tech, he made me mine so well people that know me didn't believe that I had dentures until I took them out. I would and will always recommend Prime Denture Clinic and Patrick to anyone that is looking for a denture clinic. And not to forget the other staff, they are wonderful people and great at their jobs as well. Thank you all very much, you've made my life much better. Sincerely Phil


I was a prior patient of Maria Green, the previous denturist in the Prime Denture Ltd. location. Aftering experiencing excellent service while with Maria, I decided to stay on as a patient with Patrick and Brian. Upon meeting Brian, and having my dentures made, I was treated excellently and am beyond happy with the dentures he made for me. When I initially went in to have my dentures made, I had certain things that I deemed to be of the utmost importance which were price, as I am a senior, and secondly, having a resulting denture that could actually be worn and functioned appropriately was what I was looking to obtain. You hear about so many people who have dentures made and end up throwing them in a drawer somewhere in their home because they are unable to wear them, and I did not want that to happen to me. On a scale of one to ten in terms of satisfaction regarding my dentures, the service I received and the clinic itself, I give Prime Denture Clinic Ltd. a 10/10! I will also happily refer anyone to them as I am so pleased with the service I received.


“Taking you back to your prime!”