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Up until the past couple of years has it been very difficult to achieve suction with lower conventional full dentures. If a patient ever had retention problems with their lower dentures, it would be a common recommendation to either use adhesives or inquire about implants. A revolutionary technique called the “Suction Effective Mandibular Complete Denture” or “Lower Suction Dentures” has been developed by Dr. Abe Jiro Ph.D, D.D.S.

Lower Suction Dentures are dentures that are secured onto your lower jaw through suction effect.

Combined with the precision denture system “BPS Dentures”, this technique allows Denturists to capture more detail of the patients oral tissues to maximize the amount of retention. It truly is a game-changer in the world of Denturism.

Slowly, more Denturists are hopping onto the trend of lower suction dentures. Patrick and Brian were one of the first handful of Denturists in the lower mainland to be certified clinicians for this technique. They were also one of the few from all over the world to be trained by Dr. Abe Jiro himself in Japan.

Whats the Difference?
  • Significantly different impression technique and new high definition impression materials
  • Bite Registration with a Gnathometer (a dental device used to determine the bite and articulation of the jaw)
  • Stratos Articulators – Precision device that closely simulates the patients jaw
  • “Premium Quality” bio functional teeth
  • Denturing contouring to mimic the natural movements of the muscles and tissues in your mouth.
  • Gingival characterization that make the denture appear more “life-like”
  • Dentures are finished with the Ivobase Injection system. (High-impact and Minimal Shrinkage denture processing system)

Not all patients are eligible for Lower Suction Dentures. A thorough examination must be done to find out if a patient is a candidate for this procedure.